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There is a narrative gap in Irish poetry that appears to the woman poet, her reviewer, and the poet essayist as ‘absence’, as a type of intellectual privation. That a new generation of women writers are confronting Irish women poets absence from the canon, along with it’s previous attendant tokenism, is truly delightful.
Kathy D’Arcy , “A Meditation on Ireland, Women, Poetry and Subversion” at The Honest Ulsterman.
Walt Hunter, “Now I am a Tower of Darkness; emergent genealogies” at Jacket2 Magazine
Alex Pryce, “Ambiguous Silences ? Women in Anthologies of Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry”
Moyra Donaldson, The Influence of Absences
Emma Penney , “Now I am a Tower of Darkness: A Critical History of Poetry by Women in Ireland” (Interview at
Catriona Crowe’s Testimony to a flowering


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