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Roll-call of Irish women poets

The many absences of women poets from anthologies like The Cambridge Companion To Irish Poets suggest a vacuum in our cultural history, and include but are not limited to the poets named in the roll-call below. We offer these names not as a comprehensive history of absences, but to emphasise the abundance of women’s poetry in the Irish tradition, and to demonstrate that gender fairness in surveys of Irish poetry is eminently achievable.

 A Roll Call of Irish Women Poets

Cecil Frances Alexander
Mary Barber
Leland Bardwell
Lola Ridge  (Sources:
read more at Poetry Foundation)

The Ghetto, and Other Poems , Dance of Fire 

Eva Gore-Booth Bibliography

Source: EVA GORE-BOOTH: A BIBLIOGRAPHY at Poetry Archive
Poems (1898)
The Shepherd of Eternity and Other Poems

The Poems of Eva Gore-Booth (1929)
Unseen Kings (1904)
The One and the Many (1904)
The Three Resurrections (1905)
The Egyptian Pillar (1907)
The Sorrowful Princess (1907)
The Agate Lamp (1912)
The Previous Light (1915)
Death of Fionavar (1916)
Broken Glory (1917)
The Sword of Justice (1918)
The House of Three Windows (1926)
The Buried Life of Deirdre (1930)
The Plays of Eva Gore-Booth (1991)
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The Plays of Eva Gore-Booth, edited by Frederick S. Lapisardi, Mellen (San Francisco, CA), 1991. [Eva Gore-Booth at Poetry Foundation, Chicago Poetry Foundation]

Eiléan Brennan, Eileen Shanahan, Ethna McArthy: Published in magazines and periodicals throughout the mid-century.
Rhoda Coghill: The Bright Hillside (1948) Time is a Squirrell (1956)
Dorothea Herbert: Retrospections of Dorothea Herbert 1770-1806, First published 1929-30 by Gerard Howe, London; Published in Hardback by TownHouse 1988 and published in Paperback by TownHouse, Dublin 2004
Rita Ann Higgins
Anne Le Marquand Hartigan: Long Tongue (1982) Return Single (1986) Now is a Moveable Feast (1991) Immortal Sins (1993) Nourishment (2005) To Keep the Light Burning (2008) Unsweet Dreams (2011)
Biddy Jenkinson
Emily Lawless
Temple Lane: Fisherman’s Wake (1940), Curlews (1946)
Freda Laughton: A Transitory House (1945)
Caitlin Maude
Paula Meehan: Return and No Blame (1981) Reading the Sky (1984) The Man Who Was Marked By Winter (1991) Pillow Talk (1994) Mysteries of the Home (1996) Dharmakaya (2001) Six Sycamores (2004) Painting Rain (2009)
Dorothy Molloy
Sinead Morrissey
Mary Devenport O’Neill: Prometheus and Other Poems (1929)
Katherine Philips
Blanaid Salkeld: Hello Eternity! (1933), The Fox’s Covert (1935)Engine Left Running (1937), Experiments in Error (1955)
Eithne Strong
Katherine Tynan
Laetitia Pilkington
Mary Tighe
Catherine Walsh
Sheila Wingfield: Poems (1938), Beat Drum, Beat Heart (1946), A Cloud Across the Sun (1949), A Kite’s Dinner (1954), The Leaves Darken (1964), Her Storms (1977), Admissions (1977), Cockatrice and Basilisk (1983)
Máire Mhac an tSaoi: Margadh na Saoire (1956) Codladh an Ghaiscigh (1973) An Galar Dubhach (1980) An Cion go dtí Seo (1987)
Read 100 Neglected Irish Women Poets at Elliptical Movements
 Read Contemporary Irish Women Poets at Poethead  

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