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  1. In 1980 Catherine Rose set up Arlen House. She invited me to join with Eavan Boland in making a BOOK. as I was doing in drawing on a similar theme to Eavans poetry at the time. It was called, “In her own Image” with poems by Eavan Boland and drawings by Constance Short. Equal billing, Catherine’s decision as she considered all women equal. Fintan Ó Toole included it in his 100 years of Irish Art and not only left my name out but made no reference to me at all. The only person who objected with a letter to the Irish Times was Lelia Doolan. Mr Ó Toole did not mention it much less apologise and neither did anyone else involved. This is the classic way women are written out of history, by some ignoring their existence. Had Mr Ó Toole referred to the drawings but said he did not like them, I may not be happy with that but happy in the long run not to be ignored

    Constance Short


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